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Hurricane Florence To Test FEMA, Trump Administration

As Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas, in Washington the focus is how the Trump administration will respond to the storm’s aftermath, and the inevitable property damage, power outages and potential loss of life. READ MORE


Code and Response: Mark Merritt on needs, lessons from Hurricane Maria

Founder Mark Merritt details the challenges to communications during a major disaster and innovations that are needed. WATCH VIDEO

‘It totally belittled the moment’: Many look back in dismay at Trump’s tossing of paper towels in Puerto Rico

The video clip has played on a repeating loop on cable news this week as Hurricane Florence closed in on the East Coast: President Trump casually tosses rolls of paper towels into a cheering crowd at a church in San Juan… READ MORE

Harvey Hits Hard

A monster storm like Hurricane Harvey hasn’t hit the Gulf Coast in almost a decade. Residents have been told to evacuate or ready themselves for torrential rain, high winds and flash flooding. The last hurricane that brought major damage to that region was Hurricane Ike… READ MORE

Freeport consultant to help Houston recovery efforts 

Andrew Sachs sat in his Freeport living room Sunday morning watching cable news with rapt attention as Hurricane Harvey pummeled Houston. Aside from concern for the state and its residents, Sachs monitored specific crises and took mental notes. When a levee failed in a Houston suburb, he saw more than water rushing into the city. “What was going through my mind was what was actually being protected by the levee in terms of populations,” Sachs said Tuesday. READ MORE

Stormy Weather: Are We Well Prepared For The Next Disaster?

Storms are dropping record rainfall in the Midwest. Tornadoes are also appearing in parts of the country where they don’t commonly touch down. There is major damage in western Wisconsin after a massive severe storm system traveled from the South Plains of Texas… READ MORE


Fox Business FBM: AM interviews founder Barry Scanlon on Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew could fuel an already deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti

This week, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm that destroyed thousands of homes, flooded streets, and killed hundreds of people. In the aftermath of the storm, health officials and aid organizations are now worried about another threat — an uptick in the number of cholera cases in the Caribbean island. READ MORE