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DCMC Partners is a crisis management and public safety consulting firm that helps public, non-profit, and private sector organizations approach the unknown with confidence. Leveraging decades of experience and a team of industry experts, DCMC Partners helps our clients effectively prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from crises and disasters of all kinds.

Our Solutions

DCMC Partners is a leader in providing crisis management services, including disaster recovery operations support, long-term recovery organization development, strategic advice, hazard mitigation expertise, grants management, and business continuity planning. Our team has managed response and recovery efforts for nearly every historic disaster in the past 25 years. With a full suite of emergency management services, we are your partners before disaster strikes and as you become more resilient for future crises. Learn more about our services, read about our cases, and discover for yourself the DCMC Partners difference.

Experience & Mission

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including natural disaster preparation efforts, long-term recovery planning, hazard mitigation and more.


Secure and retain the funding to fuel recovery

The State of Louisiana

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike, DCMC Partners’ ...


Reduce financial risk

Florida Electric Cooperatives

DCMC Partners has been working with several electric cooperatives in Florida to maximize ...


Rebuild better and stronger after catastrophic disaster

The Government of Puerto Rico

Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico in 2017, DCMC has ...


Build capacity and prepare for the future

A Global Financial Services Firm

DCMC Partners was hired by a financial services firm to review and enhance its ...

Our Leadership

DCMC Partners is one of the largest networks of experts in the emergency management field, with the experience and commitment to assist our clients with their challenges, no matter how complex or unique. We are former policy makers and program professionals from local, state, and federal government and private industry who have helped shape policy, regulations, national recovery programs, and initiatives, and created best practices related to recovery and mitigation. Meet our leadership team to learn more about the depth and breadth of expertise we bring to our clients.


“I have known the principals at DCMC Partners for many years, beginning in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and continuing to this day. … I have engaged with them on some of the largest and most complex disasters in U.S. history, and have relied on their expertise time and time again to secure literally billions more funding from FEMA than they would have provided otherwise, and resolve complex problems standing in the way of recovery. Based on my experience with DCMC and its expertise, I would recommend them without reservation, and believe that the firm offers a level of experience and capability that would be hard to find elsewhere.”

– Former Louisiana recovery official

“I engaged DCMC Partners to assist with our FEMA claim process in the months after Hurricane Michael devastated our electrical distribution system in October 2018. That decision, and the quality of work done by DCMC since, has been pivotal to the cooperative getting back on its feet and maximizing the funding for which we were eligible. Their personnel brought the experience and capabilities needed to make rapid progress, and they integrated seamlessly into our cooperative’s recovery team to produce results.”

– Florida Electric Cooperative CEO

“Immediately after DCMC’s experts engaged with the district, the results were noticeable. DCMC worked as a partner, both with us and with FEMA, bringing a sense of teamwork and collaboration with all parties, but they also became our most effective advocate when such support was needed to resolve disagreements in our favor. DCMC helped identify significant damages that were previously unknown or that had not been claimed by the district.”

– Louisiana parish school superintendent

“DCMC’s reputation in the emergency management field is excellent. … I engaged them to be available on standby to support our members’ FEMA-related recovery needs after a disaster occurs. I have also drawn upon their expertise in ‘peacetime’ to provide technical assistance on key issues of importance to our members. In every instance, I have been pleased with their support, and am comforted that all insured Members of the FMIT have access to professionals with their level of experience and capability that DCMC has in the event that FMIT Members are impacted by a hurricane, flood, or other disaster.”

– Florida League of Cities and Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) official

Disaster Preparedness

We recommend this Hurricane Supply Checklist as prepared by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

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